Youtube – Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class

I have done this video for 3 days and already I am noticing a difference. My legs are not straight, nor my back yet and there are some moves that I am finding hard. My partner who has not done yoga before looked at me doing it and said he needed a «beginners beginner» video. I like this one so thank you, and I love the sea in the background its very calming.

I’m actually surprised at how challenging this was, even though I used to do yoga regularly. This video is a great way to work yourself back into a regular practice.
What healthy way of keeping your weight and health in check!! I find it so frustrating the most people right away think «vigorous workout and less food». That’s not true. You can do what ever workout you prefer, and start to REPLACE to processes, sugary and unhealthy food with happy foods like fruits and vegetables, healthy starches and so on. Never calorie restrict as that will never work. But rather, replace! And the good think about fruits and veggies is that you can have AS MUCH AS YOU WANT 🙂 Good luck on your health journey, you’re doing it right!