Vimeo – 15 minutes to wake up

Simple warm up asana, to prepare the body for the day. :: If you wish to stay in touch and get updates on my yoga classes, and my favorite classes worldwide,

I love this video! Thank you! I’d be so grateful for more.
I practice on my own a lot but would still not consider myself advanced. I think this ia perfect practice for a day on which I am too busy to commit to a long practice or the day after a very intense one. Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope to see a lot more from you. I was recently diagnosed with some spinal problems and have to give up all my other high-impact workouts and have decided to devote a majority of my workout time to yoga. 🙂 Thanks again. This was invigorating and healing. Followed by a Kundalini meditation to heal and I felt great–feel great!