Center Park Boot Camp

Center Park Boot Camp

The entire floor area should be used during the exercise, which consists primarily of tumbling passes performed in different directions. Acrobatic elements forward and backward and acrobatic elements sideward or backward take-off with one-half-turn must be performed during the routine. There must also be a non-acrobatic element included, such as a balance element on one leg or one arm; a static strength move, held for two seconds; or jumps, circles or flairs. Transitional skills, or gymnastics movements performed in between tumbling and acrobatic passes, should be executed with proper rhythm and harmony. The exercise must not exceed 70 seconds in length.

Today’s floor exercise routines consist of dynamic tumbling skills that only a few years ago were performed solely on the trampoline. The best gymnasts will incorporate tumbling passes with substantial difficulty, performing multiple twisting and flipping saltos during their routines on the 40’x40′ floor exercise mat.

This event is difficult because:
It is one of the more difficult events to achieve a high difficulty value. The best routines will include difficult tumbling passes with connected bounding skills and will look near-effortless to the spectators.

What can we expect to see?

  • Difficult tumbling passes with multiple flips and twists
  • Connected bounding skills
  • Creative routines with a high difficulty value which have no execution errors and stuck landings


  • Length: 12 m (approx. 40 ft.)
  • Width: 12 m (approx. 40 ft.)